What Schools We Cover

We are pleased to pick-up and drop-off our Little Crumpets to three local schools in Isleworth: The Blue School, St Mary’s and Worple School. We understand that their school days are long enough without having to have a long walk home. Our locations are in close proximity to all the schools which means we can whisk our Little Crumpets straight home to start the fun and get creative.

Our Food

Every meal we make at Little Crumpets is made with real care and thought. We want to keep the sugar, salt and nasty additives at bay, so that’s why we like to make our own dishes from scratch. Each dish is freshly made and full of the best ingredients. We like to share what is on the menu, and each term you will receive a list of the mouth-watering dishes we’ll be cooking for our Little Crumpets.


The Experience

Childhood memories are made here; drinking hot chocolate around a make believe bonfire, decorating their very own homemade birthday cake are just a few things our Little Crumpets get to experience here. There’s no TV, no video games just good old fashioned play and learning, where wonderful moments are captured, important milestones are celebrated and great friendships are made.

“What an amazing and caring place you have created.” Tina L – Little Crumpets Mum

Are you interested in joining the Little Crumpet family?

If you think you would like to run a Little Crumpet business franchise you can read more about the opportunity here.